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Kayla looked at the teacher and nodded. She put her bag down and started stretching, not even paying attention to what she was doing. I can't wait until tonight! I haven't seen Mom and Dad in a while. I wonder what Holly's doing.. She slipped and fell onto the sand. "Ow..." She stood up and dusted herself off. I wonder if anyone will notice if I leave... if I get caught I can just use my leg as an excuse. She thought about it for a while and picked her bag up. No... I shouldn't. She sighed and put her bag back down. She went back to stretching and didn't notice as Primrose came out of the bag holding Rosemary's pokeball.


Holly looked up as Haru yelled out and called for the teacher to pick him. She felt Molly's pokeball shake harder and put her hand on it. "Stop.", she whispered. After a while the pokeball stopped shaking. Holly sighed in relief and put her head back down. She looked up as Haru looked at her and looked at him confused. Why is he looking at me? Did I do something again? The only thing I did was look at my wrist... I hope he doesn't expect me to show him.
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