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Olivia Wolf - N's Classroom
Possibly the only person in the class with hair longer than him, Olivia walked into the room. Her exceedingly long and glorious black hair, that may or may not require help just to brush, swayed lightly behind her as she walked. How does she balance with all that weight hanging off her head? Looking around, it became apparent that class hadn't started yet and Olivia took a seat, looking around and smiling in an inviting manner at some of the nearby students. Despite the choice to sport terrifyingly long, full hair she seemed to be too kind to hurt a butterfly. That, or she was one of those shallow popular types. Though, her dorm jacket was that of entei. Techncially speaking, entei would probably be considered the popular dorm due to it being where the average trainer wound up and suicune the elite dorm.

If and when N turned around, he'd be greeted by that same exceedingly pleasant smile. Not every student could pull off something like that first thing in the morning, but Olivia didn't seem to be trying all that hard.

Dardanette - Dead Forest
An 'ominous wind' blew past C.J. rather abruptly, literally picking him up off his feet and throwing him several feet back via sheer force whilst sapping his energy. The chance of landing on his feet was rather minuscule. The sound of a tree's trunk shattering could be heard somewhere behind him. One could presume that this was no mere sudden storm but rather a pokemon's doing.

By the time C.J. would be able to orientate himself and get another chance to really... look around, he'd probably notice that a girl wearing a tuxedo top complete with a tie, matching black mini skirt, black fedora, and sporting very messy medium-length brunette hair had made her way out of the woods from an apparent hiding place and was now heading towards him. Agewise, she seemed like she could've been a student at the school, albeit one of the older students at 13-15. She had a rather unnatural grin on her face that didn't math the intense look in her eyes. By her sides were a Swalot, a Gengar, and a Golurk. They were quickly joined by a Hydreigon and an Eelektross. Oh... snap. She was headed toward him at a casual speed, and spoke up. The tone of her voice seemed to occasionally quiver up and down in volume slightly, as if she had slight difficulty controlling it.

"Now... why did you come--For me?~"

At first she seemed demanding, as if accusing him of something. That last part however was said in a rather gentle, mock surprise manner, almost as if she were attempting to flirt. The ghostly aura of the forest was stronger than ever, and one might be able to presume... that it originated from her.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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