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Lucy -
What are you talking about Bay? This is clearly how new pokespirit wielders are created. Silly boy. Lucy observed what was going on between the two males and just sort of... ignored it. This wasn't her fight. If either of them wanted to pick a fight, they could do so without her interference. She had absolutely no incentive to get involved. Instead, she turned her attention to Amethyst. If anime had been a thing, she would've had a thing or two to say about that hair. Instead she just sort of tilted her head and knelt down, brushing herself off briefly before reaching out and holding a hand just above Amethyst's hair, as if afraid it were radioactive and might explode at her touch. Woooah maaan. That's some pretty awesome stuff you're doing there maaaan. She decidedly did not ruffle Amethyst's hair however. Rather, she scooted a bit closer and reached down to grasp Amethyst's hand. She was a tad hesitant, because Amethyst was currently being CUTE ENOUGH TO EAT kind of scary actually. It was slightly more difficult to be intimidated by someone so small.


She had a rather neutral tone, the default sternness perhaps in an attempt to snap Amethyst out of her anger.

"Are you... alright?"

This time concern seeped into her voice. Lucy wasn't sure what to make of this. She honestly hadn't expected Amethyst to be so ready to fight, so willing. She remembered her first time fighting. It was hard, when you grew up helpless.

And just like that, the two males managed to avoid a fight. Lucy looked up and acknowledged Mako, listening silently before being handed his beanie..? Huh, what? She got the impression she missed /something/, because she didn't understand why he'd given her that. Ah well. So it was his choice. She became aware of two boys in the distance, but didn't pay them much mind. Surely people had better things to do than pay attention than her. Guys. Guys I only ate a person. Chill, gawd. Instead, she turned her attention to Amethyst again.

"We should get moving."

A glance at Bay, and she stood, preparing to start heading on towards Oreburgh again.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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