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    Vriska Van der Douchevald


    As they were conversing, Vriska noticed that Hugin was constantly scoffing, as she turned around at saw the Pokemon was staring at her Notepad, she closed it before the Honchkrow could eavesdrop her other notes.

    After several small laughs from both of them, Maxwell mentioned he was raised in Ecruteak City in the Johto region, which is filled with Ghost-types. He then mentioned his adoration for bug-Pokemon. Bingo! The stalking rendered its fruits, it's not much of a waste of time for Vriska after all...

    "Well, Buggey laid some eggs before I came here," she said while staring at Maxwell, "But I left them with my brother, who just happens to hate bugs." She giggled a bit before resuming, "He's gonna be such a great mother for those bugs!"

    She reopened the Notepad, this time making sure Hugin wasn't able to see what she was about to write, she added two more things to he To-Do List:

    -Pester Vincent 'bout Buggey's eggs
    -Refer to Hugin as 'Scoffer' from now on... >:D

    "Perhaps you could have one of them once they hatch?" She said while putting the Notepad back in her pocket, "That is, if Scoffer doesn't try to kill it with its glares, too..."

    She stared at Hugin, who was still staring at her.

    "Oh, sorry, I meant to say Hugin, my bad!" She said while smiling at the crow, in a rather malevolent way, quickly redirecting her sight towards Maxwell.

    "I'm from Viridian City, in the Kanto region, my mother had some sort of experience when it comes to hack, and she teached me to do so, but I eventually became better, not that I'm bragging, though. I caught these three guys rather by accident..."

    She turned her head around to see her Pokemon, she told them to eat the rest of her part of the food, as she was no longer hungry. The three Pokemon quickly swallowed the food.

    "You see, my favorite Pokemon at the time was Clefairy, and I'm kind of... clueless. Needless to say, he tricked me to go into the nearby forest, and I panicked and threw all the Pokeballs I had, and they ended up catching these Pokemon. I didn't liked them at first..." She paused for a while, then she began scratching behind one of the ears of her Pikachu, who was seemingly pleased by this action, "But they're my best friends now..." She ended up with a smile towards the Pikachu she wasn't hating that much any longer.
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