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Holly looked up at the teacher and thought for a while. "Um... a Sitrus Berry and a... Persim Berry?" She really hoped that she wasn't wrong. Berries were one of the things that she studied in one of her cram sessions with Kayla. She put her head down on her desk again and sighed. I need to see if Kayla will help me study some more... She looked around the classroom and yawned. I didn't get that much sleep last night... I don't know what I was so scared about, though.

Primrose and Rosemary

Once she had gotten far enough from the class, Primrose let Rosemary out of her pokeball. The Skitty looked at Primrose and yawned. "What are we doing? Where's Kayla?" Primrose looked at Rosemary and laughed. "We're going to have some fun! I need to find one of my friends, though. She's kind of shy... she's probably hiding somewhere." Rosemary looked at Primrose and smiled. "That seems simple enough. Let's go!" Primrose nodded and started walking towards a field.
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