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    Tristen S, Raikou Dorm
    [Double Battle Expert Classroom]

    As the crowd slowly got bigger with the arrival of some late students, Tristen directed her eyes towards the ceiling. Double Battle Expert, huh? She scratched the back of her leg with her shoe. Doesn’t sound too hard, I suppose. All I have is two pokemon: Skarmory and Gabriel. An interesting combination. Earthquake would be a handy move to learn in this situation; Skarmory wouldn’t be harmed while Gabriel did some damage, and Skarmory knows Fly...

    She tilted her head to the side from the weight of her thick white hair. Her orange-gloved hand reached up to play with a small strand. If it’s single-trainer double battle, then things are pretty straight forward. I know how to handle things on my own. Working with another trainer on the other hand-- She closed her eyes and scowled. The thought of having to listen to and watch out for another person irked her. She was used to being on her own, not having to worry about the well-being of other people. Taking care of yourself for seven years made you independent like that.

    By herself, she knew how to double battle pretty well; at least, she understood the basics of it. She had used both Gabriel and Skarmory at the same time in different situations. Battling, of course... and small misdemeanors and whatnot... It’s not like I was vandalizing important property. I was just grabbing some necessary goods. Not borrowing--No. I wasn’t planning on returning that. I was simply... She shook her head. Who am I kidding, I was stealing. She had to admit to herself that she felt a little twinge of guilt whenever she shoplifted. But at least she only did it when she absolute had to--not being able to eat after five days gets to be a little dangerous. At least she did it only out of necessity. At least she did it alone.

    Her lips curled up into a smirk and her bright red eyes opened slowly. Being alone. That’s what she was comfortable with, right? It’s not like she was bothered by being ignored. Or being shunned from society. It’s not like she was lonely, right?

    Her smile faded as she tried to get her mind back to what the professor was saying. If she had to, she could work with others, and she could do it well. But if she had the choice, she’d work alone.

    Tristen straightened her back. I’m fine on my own, thanks.
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