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I hope that it was fine for me to trade my Unown over to my Heart Gold in order to figure out what type of Hidden Power it had, and giving it an everstone on the trade back. It was really bothering me after I couldn't figure it out an a few hours time... At any rate.

BlueShellBeast's Pokemon Soul Silver Update #1
Badges Obtained: 3

  • I started out the game naming myself Sieg.
  • I picked Cyndaquil (Named him Solis) to go with the fire starter theme that I seem to have started. (I also want to use Pokemon that I rarely use this time...) Like Genki the Charmander, I will not evolve him.
  • I complained about Weedles constantly poisoning me after getting over the fact that there were actually Weedles in the wild. (Typically a Heart Gold player when it comes to the remakes...)
  • Finally got to Mr. Pokemon's house and went to beat my rival. It was easy, as always, and I named him Silver because I'm original.
  • I went around catching most of the Pokemon that I saw, however, I can't figure out if I really want to use most of them.
  • I caught an Unown in the Ruins of Alph (Atlas the Unown A) because I figured that it would be fun to try to beat the game with one on my team.
  • Atlas destroyed most of the Bellsprout Tower until it ran out of PP. Solis took care of the rest.
  • Solis soloed Falkner and his gym as well as Bugsy's gym.
  • At that point, I saved, failed to beat my rival, trained more, still failed, and finally on my third try, I beat Silver.
  • I got through the Ilex Forest after some minor difficulty.
  • I beat Whitney on the first try and gained some respect for the move "Spite". It was fun watching the Milktank use struggle until it killed itself!
Current Team

Solis the Cyndaquil (M)
Bashful Nature
Level 26
Item: Everstone

Atlas the Unown
Modest Nature
Level 14
-Hidden Power (Bug)

Helium the Gastly (M)
Docile Nature
Level 8
-Mean Look

Ferret the Sentret (M)
Lax Nature
Level 6
-Defense Curl

Serpent the Ekans (F)
Naughty Nature
Level 5
-Poison Sting

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