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    Hey guys, I've been working on some old sprites, making them perfect and trying to finish up all the pokemon data so I can work solely on mapping, and heres the pokemon I have finished!

    1st off, ever wonder why arcanine is "legendary"? heres why~

    Darcanine, one of the 2 variants that, during the climate change, lack of food and land after the war, became the fire type "arcanine"

    Archic, the second variant, it has powerful psychic abilities and exerts an unknown, powerful mental force
    -these 2 completely different, and very powerful pokemon had to become one species to survive, and coping with the dense heat and different climate (as well as mixture of opposing types) became a fire type

    next is the male counterpart of kangaskhan, Sanguskhan!

    -to survive, the males became cubones, while the babies stayed in the pouch of their mothers, once they were old enough to survive on their own (much later than now) the females would be raised as kangaskhan to keep their dwindling species alive, while the males became cubones, as they depended heavily on their mothers, so much so, that they were sacrificed in order for the "cubone" to get the vital nutrients it needed to survive on its own and become stronger.

    finally, the ice version of fearow :D

    The pokemon glaciary is the ancestor of the modern-day pokemon, braviary. in the rapid climate change and land reformation after the war, you could say it "melted" into the braviary of today

    I have an idea for my achievment idea (while I have no idea how to impliment this, or an idea of how to set up the system) I thought making an app for the pokegear "achievments" would be a brilliant idea!

    -it would work like the pc item system, only instead of showing items, it shows achievements, and it shows all the possible achievements, rather than only the ones you have obtained thus far
    -in the square where it explains the achievement, it would have a lock, indicating you have yet to have gotten it, or an unlock, showing you have gotten it already
    -When you recive an achievement, it would say whatever it is on this!:

    Finally, to conclude this update, I have made a map of the region!

    its loose base of kanto (as this is decades before the region we know today) with various missing places (as they are merely rumors and not fully discovered yet) while the rest that has been, is shown. there is also a lot of empty space since it has only recently been discovered.

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