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Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Hello guys, here is the quiz I promised. Just look below, you are allowed to search for the answer for Q.2. For the rest, you're on your own and thanks for that wonderful reply, Mavy. Oh, almost forgot, just for your info, the last two questions are the easiest. Good luck.

Q.1: In order to get Black/White Kyurem, what item must you use to fuse them together?

Q.2: If you have a LV.100 Black Kyurem with a beneficial nature, which of it's stats will be the highest?

Q.3: What is White Kyurem's signature move?

Q.4: Where do you catch Kyurem?

Q.5: What is Black Kyurem's ability?
My answers to the quiz:

Q.1: Gene Wedge

Q.2: Attack

Q.3: Ice Burn

Q.4: Giant Chasm

Q.5: Teravolt

Now, another topic to answer:

Whose stats do you think is better? Black or White Kyurem?

I think White Kyurem cos Special Attack is a powerful stat.
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