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    Two Partner Pokemons: Jesse the Krookodile & Carrie the Flygon
    Reason for joining: Sandstorm in general is actually a beastly team if you have the right Pokemon. In fact, I love creating a Sandstorm team the best I can make it. Its quite a challenge! Club looks real good, I'm impressed!

    What's your most favorite type among these three: Steel, Rock, Ground and why? Steel. They are very powerful & defensive, they are not to be taken lightly & that's what I like about these specific types. Ground would be 2nd due to mainly of the attacks of Earthquake & Electric resistance. Rock has never been one of my favorite types for some reason.

    What's your favorite Sand Pokemon?
    Well obviously its either the Dragons of Flygon & Garchomp vs Tyranitar for me. I've always loved this reptile-like creatures. I do have to give an honorable mention to Krookodile, just because of its design. It looks pure epic badass.

    List 2 ability that have "sand" in theirs name.
    Sand Rush & Sand Veil