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    Originally Posted by Umbr30n View Post

    On the Current Topic, I'd say Arceus' Forms because I thought they would add a little more design on it compared to what it actually looks like. The normal Pokemon Sprite pretty much is the same thing in my opinion.
    Okay, so how would you fix Arceus up to look an improve & better Pokemon? I agree, Arceus as God of all Pokemon, is like a joke to be a GOAT Pokemon. At least be created with it. Its like they goof off its design & just added a golden cross-like wheel. The wheel looks like its a type of animal to be ridden by a leader, definitely not God-like material, in my opinion.

    Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
    For legendary Pokemon? Hm... probably shiny Ho-Oh. Some designs only darken/lighten the original colors which is disappointing as well but I can't stand to look at Ho-Oh' shiny colors. She's supposed to represent the rainbow, and I have no idea where they got the colors from her shiny form from.
    Some have mentioned to be a burnt Turkey or something in her Shiny form. Meh, I don't mind it, but it looks even more beautiful in original colors than in Shiny however. Although I'd probably use a Shiny Ho-Oh over the original anywhere lol. So how would you go about changing Ho-Oh to be a better design & how would you color Ho-Oh?

    As for me:

    ^ The shiny sprites of these two disappoint me greatly. Zapdos should be a different color at least, perferably I think it'd look even better with green-yellow coloring to it rather than an enhanced version of yellow.

    Regice is just a BORING Pokemon altogether. I hate its design, as well as its sprite color. Its shiny sprite is overshadowed by Articuno & even Articuno's is good, better as that bright, light blue color.

    ^ Regigigas is such a boring Pokemon. I hate its design. Its like a sloppy version trying to compete & look nice compare to the Golem Trio of Regice/steel/rock. Not to mention its a horrible example as a Legendary Pokemon, as it flat out sucks with its Slow Start Ability.