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    I've been rewatching from the beginning, one episode a day now for a while. I am not missing a single episode including "Beauty and the Beach", "Dratini" (Japanese with English subs), "Porygon" (Japanese with English subs - no seizures for me). Currently I am in Master Quest approaching "The Ice Cave" which I will be watching in Japanese with English subtitles.

    I've been taking them from DVD and putting them on my file server as high-quality mkv files. So if I am going to go through all that effort, I might as well watch them too!

    I also made soft subs for the three Japanese episodes. And I had to recreate a high quality "Beauty and the Beach" which matched up to the original English dub that was broadcast here as the "lost" episode. I made the subs by combining the best from other subs and rewording certain things. I also removed any profanity, and corrected names to match up to the English dub. Those episodes are much more enjoyable to watch now.

    I haven't yet made soft subs for the next episode "Ash and May Biggest Battles" (or something like that). I cannot find any subtitles for that episode at all.

    Anyways, it's a fun project. Very time consuming, but fun.

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