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    A wild sign up appeared!

    Side: Gold Tribe
    Name: Ignus Delurus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Title: "Prince of Light"
    Pokemon Species: Zoroark
    Appearance: Ignus looks like a typical Zoroark, except his body is black, instead of grey. (In the pic, one of his arms is grey and so is his stomach, just pretend they're black) Also, the "hairband" he wears on his mane is red, instead of sky blue.

    Personality: Ignus is under the delusion that he is "The Prince of Light", a legendary messiah sent to save the world from destruction and sin. Of course, he really isn't as such beliefs are silly and should be disregarded immediately. Only a under a lifelong lapse of proper judgement would someone believe they are actually the messiah. Anyway, moving on. As he is very sneaky/suspicious by nature, and doesn't trust people easily. He does warm up after a while, and is fairly humorous. His laid back nature also shows when in good company, though outside of his comfort zone lies paranoia. He's not the kind of guy to have his mind changed, but he respects other people's opinions, while he may disagree. Whenever **** goes down, Ignus wouldn't fight one on one, unless specific circumstances were in place (Battle of Honour, or some crap like that). He'd mainly utilize guerrilla warfare and sneak attacks, using his illusions greatly. This does however, create a very confusing situation for his teammates, who may accidentally hit him instead of the real enemy.

    Whenever he feels threatened, he'd rather talk his way out or run, especially when against the odds. If ever his friends were in trouble, he'd likewise try to get them out of it, rather than fight. But if it did come to a fight, he'd help them. (A messiah has to have friends too) Speaking of friends, once he has made them he keeps them for life. He teases them sometimes, even though he means well, this comes off as being annoying/mean. His main goal is to restore the world back to its former glory, as well as ascend to a demi-god state (beliefs of cult). I'll go into more details of sad beliefs in the IC, or in here if SuperVegeta says to.

    History: Ignus was adopted into his family. His parents could not have any children themselves, so they accepted an orphaned child with open arms. Ignus doesn't remember his real parents very well, and he never really wanted to. Of course, he's curious of his heritage, but his adopted parents were good enough. His parents however, were part of a small cult, which revolved around the arrival of the "Prince of Light." If you paid attention earlier, that is Ignus's title, and namesake as well. His parents believed he would be the Prince of Light, much to the scepticism of their fellow cult members. They taught him all of the ways of their belief, and he hated it. He did not share their beliefs, but went through the motions anyway, just to keep his parents from being disappointed. He joined the Gold Tribe as well, another ritual for the "Prince of Light" to take. He enjoyed being on the tribe, and honed his fighting skills. He fought using his ability of illusion, and tactics involving sneaking and hit and runs.

    When Auron defeated the Gold Tribe, Ignus managed to escape and survive using his illusions. His parents were killed in the invasion, and that's when he ran. He posed as many different silver tribe members, and hid in plain sight as standard Pokemon, and even ancients. He feels terrible for abandoning his city, but the battle was already over. If he stayed, he would have just died. He mourned his parents, and licked his wounds out in the wilderness. He has deluding himself into thinking he really is the Prince of Light, though this is the effect of a hopeless individual with a certain set of beliefs. He practices the way of light still, and often references it when talking to others. (Though he never imposes his beliefs on others, he merely talks about them sometimes.)

    Moveset: Shadow Claw, Night Daze, U-Turn, Extrasensory, Swords Dance, Flamethrower

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