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    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 4

    'Hmm....' Gloria slowly opened her eyes when the sun rays shined in her eyes. 'How late is it...?' She asked around, closing her eyes again and moving from her right side to her left. When she didn't hear a answer she brought her head up, opened her eyes and took a look around, only to find out everyone was up already and she was the only one on the second floor.

    'Helloooo...?!' Gloria screamed. 'Oh! Good morning Gloria!' She heard some voices shouting at her from down below. She crawled to the ceiling and took a look who it was. All four of them were there, waving at her and then turning to each other again.

    'Oh... There you guys are...' She mumbled. She cleaned up her sleeping place and climbed down to the first floor. 'Had a good night?' Khaos asked her. 'No... Not really, i feel like i've been sleeping in a tree...' Gloria answered with hanging shoulders, brushing her long black hair too.

    'Welcome by the club.' Zeke commented. 'Hey, am i the only one or have you guys heard those weird noises tonight too?' Zane glanced at his brother, Jamie and Khaos. 'Yeah! It was so weird! i was too lazy to take a look around though since i was sure no one could find us here or attack us.' Jamie sighed and started yawning.

    'I didn't want to wake you guys up for it, but seems like you guys had already noticed, it sounded like... Moaning.' Zeke rubbed the back of his head and looked at the floor. 'Hm... What about you Khaos?' Zane asked him. Khaos was silent and turned around while he was getting red. 'W-wait......' Gloria pointed at him. 'It was you...?!' Gloria started blushing like hell out of embaressment, even though there was nothing she should be embaressed about, but what was going through her mind right now...

    'EWWW!! KHAOS?! WTF!!' Everyone jumped over to Gloria's side as they stared at their friend. 'Ew ew ew ew ewwwwww!!!!! I wish i had never heard ittttt!!!' Jamie kept her hands by her ears as she started shouting from disgust. 'Damn bro, if you do something like that do it somewhere outside!' Zeke nodded his head and had his arms crossed. Zane... Was laughing so hard that tears were pouring out of his eyes.

    'You guys... Have dirty minds.' Khaos turned to them with a normal face, no blush, nothing. 'I wasn't doing anything like that...' Khaos facepalmed and walked over to the place he had been sitting all night. 'THIS is what you guys have heard.' Khaos showed a small laptop and showed what was on the screen.

    'What... The... Hell...' Jamie only said, being silent, a little weirded out too. 'Somehow i'm relieved... But this is worse too.' Gloria commented. 'He watches Hentai, bro...' Zane poked his brother who had been silent. 'He does...' Zeke replied. 'Well i guess the problem is solved, but use this next time.' Zane trew over a headphone to Khaos and walked away. Gloria only looked at the boys and asked herself how they could find that normal.

    'Hey... Who else is hungry?' Jamie rubbed her belly with her right hand. 'I guess everyone is.' Khaos putted his laptop back on it's place and walked over to them, his wings making him look devillish. 'Who should look around for food.' Zeke started walking to the entrance of the factory. 'Let's go guys.' He smiled. 'I'll detect living beings while being on our way.' Zane walked outside, followed by Zeke. Gloria and Jamie nodded at each other and followed too.

    'Hmm... They get better along than expected.' Khaos grinned. 'Wait for me guys!' Khaos flied over to the door and closed it with a few locks when he left, following his new friends.

    After a few hours walking, Zane, Gloria and Jamie looked like they were starving. They hadn't found anything ever since they left, only a few half-dead people and a women from who the organs were laying next to her, she probely was victim of a demon, because she missed a leg and half of her chest.

    'I'm going to die of hunger...' Zane exclaimed, falling to the ground. 'Technically that's impossible, we would only die of hunger if we hadn't eaten or had water for days, and since we all had water yesterday before we went to sleep we can't die of hunger OR thirst.' Jamie lectured him. 'But i do feel like i can collapse any moment...' Jamie rubbed her belly again and sighed. 'How long do we have been walking?' Gloria asked Khaos. 'Four hours or so.' Khaos answered, looking around. Zeke and Khaos looked like the only persons who didn't seem hungry right now.

    'Psssstttt!' A voice somewhere called out to them. 'Hey... You heard that too?' Khaos looked around. 'There's someone near us...' Zane said, looking at the bushes. 'Come out little girl.' He crawled over to the bushes. 'Don't be careless Zane! She might have a weapon!!' Jamie shouted angry at him. 'Meh she's not dangerous at all.' Zane smiled at them.

    'Who says...' Zane suddenly got a gun, pointing at his head. Immediately Gloria, Jamie and Zeke got their guns, Khaos made a energy ball with his hands. 'You better put that gun down, girl.' Jamie seemed angry. 'A-are you a demon?' Gloria immediately asked, stuttering a little too.

    'What?! I'm not a demon at all! How rude!' The girl jumped out of the bushes. 'It's... A child....?!' Jamie was still pointing her gun at the little kid but was quite suprised because of her length. 'Hey! I'm not a child! I'm 12 already! You guys are so rude!!' The girl crossed her arms and brought her nose up. 'Hmph! You better put that gun down, girl!' The little girl said to Jamie. 'Wow? Didn't that sound fimiliar? It's because you said it!' The little girl came closer to Jamie. 'First calling me a demon and then calling me a child, where is it going with this stupid world.' The little girl crossed her arms and nodded.

    Jamie slowly putted her gun down, Khaos shouted the energy ball somewhere else and Gloria and Zeke putted their guns down too. 'Don't worry guys, like i said, she's not dangerous.' Zane repeated as he stood up. 'I'm more dangerous than you think, boy.' The girl moved her finger like a teacher.

    'I was actually calling to you guys because i heard you guys were hungry and i have food in my secret hideout, but never mind.' The girl jumped back into the bushes. 'WAIT!!' Gloria shouted, a head appeared out of the bushes. 'How did you hear that...? We were speaking so soft...' Gloria asked the little girl. 'She has food and you're asking that?!' Zane replied annoyed. 'Please! Give us food! Pleaaseee!!' Zane begged her.

    'Bow for me and call me "your majesty"' the little girl pointed to the ground forward her, unexpected Zane did what she said. 'Please! Give us some of your all-mighty food your majesty!' Zane bowed forward her, something he actually would never do. 'Wow... You guys are really hungry.' The little girl played with her eyebrows and turned around. 'Alright, come with me.' The girls signed with her hand that they had to follow her.
    'Oh, to answer your question, princess, i can hear really well, like a dog!' The girl winked at Gloria, having fun by teasing her. 'Now follow me!' She walked forward like a sergeant, ready to strike with her soldiers. 'To my secret hideout!' She said, pointing a finger in the air.

    'What's your name by the way?' Khaos asked her, looking a little suspicious at her. 'I'm Eve Lovelied!' She answered as they were on their way to the little girl's home. 'What are your names?' She asked them, being a little more kind now. 'I'm Jamie, that hot-head over there is Zane.' Jamie pointed at Zane. 'And this is his music loving brother, Zeke.' She introduced him, pointing at Zeke and his headphone. 'And this is our friendly demon, Khaos.' Jamie snickered as she said that, she've always wanted to say something related to that.

    'And this is my best friend, Gloria, i usually call her sis.' Jamie smiled at the girl. 'Where are your parents?' Zeke asked the girl who was almost two heads smaller than him. 'They're... Dead.' Eve tried to smile but looked sad. 'My daddy protected me from a demon who wanted to eat me... But he got eaten instead, the demon only left his organs, and a arm...' Eve grabbed the necklace she was holding, everyone started to look sadly at her, feeling sorry for her. 'I got this from my mother... She... She suddenly dissapeared after dad got eaten... I found out...' The girl was forming tears.

    'Awwww, don't cry... What did you find out...?' Jamie bend down to the girl and softly hugged her. 'I found out...' The girl slowly said. '... That you guys are such pathetic losers! Hahahaha! Did really fall for that?!' Jamie quickly letted go of Eve who almost died of laughter. 'I'm going to kill her...' Jamie exclaimed.

    'My mother really got eaten by a demon! And my father taken over!' Jamie shouted pissed at her. 'Oh well, YOLO!' The girl turned around, trying to piss off the girl with glasses. 'Jamie calm down...' Gloria pulled her away from Eve. 'And now the real story?' Zane asked annoyed. 'That was the real story, i later found out that my mother was taken over by a demon AND the one who ate my dad.' Eve said. 'But i'm not sad about it, because you only live once, you should make it a beautiful life even though this world is in a ugly war.' Eve smiled at them. 'I was 6 when it happened, so... I guess it doesn't matter.' The girls started walking again. 'Let's go, we're almost there.' She said, becoming nice again. The others were staring at her with widened eyes and opened mouths, so young, and so strong...

    Not long later they arrived at her place, it was a hidout in a tree, the inside of the tree looked like a real house. Eve made dinner for everyone since it was getting dark already, pretty weird because the group of teenagers had left in the morning, so they have been walking all day.

    When Eve was in the bathroom Jamie turned to Gloria. 'You know... I think that we should go look around for Aisha tomorrow...' She said, looking sadly at the ground. 'We might not have a army but... I really want to help her out, no matter if i'll die.' Jamie said brave. 'We'll help you.' Zane and Zeke said on the same time, smiling at the two girls. 'Really?!' Gloria started to smile brightly. 'Count me in too.' Khaos said as he was eating and just about to take another bite. 'Thanks alot guys!' Jamie thanked them, with a smile slowly growing, like a flower in the morning sun.

    'I don't know what this is about, but judging from what you've said there i think a important friend of yours has been taken away by a demon, am i right?' Eve left the bathroom and joined the teenagers, sitting in a circle on a carpet. 'Yes... She's our other best friend...' Gloria answered Eve. 'We left our home because we wanted to rescue her.' Jamie added. 'I think i know where they are holding her, i'll help too.' The little girl said. 'But it's a long journey, so let's get rest.' Eve suggested, the others only hoped she wasn't joking again. 'Good night!'
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