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I don't know. Maybe it's because of how I was raised, or just my general way of thinking.

I find boyfriend/girlfriend relationships at early ages (when i mean early, I still mean teen years) weird.

It's not that I'm an immature person who finds kissing gross. Of course not. In fact, I like reading romantic novels and listening to cheezy music every so-and-so.

But in reality, having a relationship at an early age for me seems to be a waste of time.

First, because legally, you can't get married till you're 18 (or whenever depending on what country you live in.) So unless you have the endurance of a Golem, you need to wait till you're of marriable age (lol i don't know if that's grammatically correct) and that's a heck of a long time. I morally don't like live-in partners, for several reasons, so I don't count that.

But if you aren't serious about staying together with your partner, e.g. actually planning to break up with him/her in a few months, then what's the point of devoting your time and energy for him/her?

Second, having a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of narrows your list of friends. Especially if you have a controlling girlfriend/boyfriend who strictly monitors your time with your other friends. Wouldn't it be cooler if you had like, a lot of friends which are of the opposite sex, so that once you're old and mature and is looking for a soulmate, it's easier to pick? That would save a lot of couples from divorce, because you aren't forced to only spend time with your girlfriend, which you shuffle between chores and schoolwork.

Third, they sort of limit what you're able to do. I have a friend who's girlfriend doesn't let him watch movies without her. Stupid right? So when the dark knight came out, he had to wait for 4-5 weeks later before he could watch the movie with his girlfriend. Psh. Seriously?

Now imagine all the other stuff you could do if you didn't waste time on relationships? Subtract all those moments where you have to text him/her, go on dates with him/her, buy gifts for him/her, etc. You wouldn't be cramped up with your studying, or more importantly, eating cookies! 8D Loljk. But seriously, that's a lot of extra time in your hands. And a lot of less stress.

So what do you think? Are relationships at an early age feasible, convenient, and okay, or not? And also, if you currently have a relationship with someone, was it because you wanted to fit with the norm, or was it because you really loved that person? Discuss.
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