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    Out of all the types, Poison is the only type that is lacked among the Legendary Pokemon. How do you feel about this?

    I like Poison-Types somewhat and is slightly dissapointed about this. Just saying that there is a Poison-Type Arceus but I guess that doesn't count. However, I can come up with a theory why they haven't done this. They probably haven't done this because Poison is only Super Effective against Grass, and doesn't usually have very good movesets apart from confoundment. Also, Poison doesn't affect Steel-Types, so they wouldn't have much potential for a Legendary. But, if they were to add a Poison-Type Legendary, I think it'd be something like a fully grown cobra related to the Arbok/Seviper/Whatever Snake you think of. Even so, it wouldn't be very useful unless the Poison-Type legendary is paired up with something like Dragon (Which some Cobras are like), Ground (Because, well, some reason) or Grass (Because snakes live in grasslands). Arbok is pretty much one of the reasons I like Poison-Types just a bit, you know, not MEGA like, but like a bit... However, if they do make a Poison-Type legendary one day, there're going to need to add a good moveset to it or nobody would use it.

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