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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post

I think that's mostly because there are very few poisonous creatures that aren't scary or evil looking. xD The only one I can think of is a poisonous toad (which is arguably quite ugly) which I'm surprised there hasn't been a Poison type made around yet. Perhaps Seismitoad comes close I don't know, but the kind of small, agile, poisonous tree frog I'm thinking of certainly hasn't been made yet. Do you guys think this'd be a good concept for a Poison Pokémon to be based on? o3o
Well we've got Croagunk and Toxicroak for toad like poison types.
Hmm I find myself growing less able to think of new pokemon now. I could imagine them creating living smoke which may seem similar to Gastly. Surprised we haven't seen a bug/poison mosquito styled pokemon yet. Even maybe a giant bacteria blob thing (I mean we've got one based on a stomach!)
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