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Well, Quick answer about

Originally Posted by Xeninacra
PS: By the way, have you ever tried imagining a White Zekrom and Black Reshiram? LOL
Yeah, I've already thought about it since I know that B/W 2 will have the same legendary, but in two colors...

Originally Posted by Requility
Oh now I know where you're on about! Unfortunately nothing is found there. It's quite disappointing but there's nothing there whatsoever. It's misleading, yeah, but nothing within - Kyurem is somewhere else in the region in -another- cave. Sorry!

And yeah, well Reshiram could beat Zekrom buuuuut in general it'd be more logical because Zekrom looks more badass and has a better design. Reshiram just looks like an awkward angel!!
What could I say about this. I'm disappointed to read that Kyurem is not there. But nevertheless I think I'll go to level up my pokemon.

Exactly, you speak about angel. I don't know if you've already seen the cover of the movie Angel and Devils (movie pulled by the novel of Dan Brown); on the cover, we see a statue at the middle-angel the middle devil. Meaning that both are a part of a whole (a little as the symbol of the yin and the yang).

I think that Zekrom and Reshiram are the same. Both parts of the same pokemon (as we know), a part dark and the other part the light (in other words the angel and the devil).

You're right when you say that Reshiram is like an angel. Of course, I think it's boring for the white version with the game. Indeed, in this one, N control exactly the part of the light. Thus, we control the dark part; and it's a little goes against the spirit of the hero.

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