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    So it looked like class was starting to fill up. He was a bit disappointed to see at least one student look rather unpleased to be here, not to mention a timid student who was standing in his doorway, and then the young lady who was going to have an epic hair version of a pokemon battle laterseemed to be happy to be here. The class was small, sure, and it seemed like 2 out of the 12 students supposed to be here weren't coming. Oh well. Maybe they were sick.

    "Hello there, come on in, sit down. What is your name new student?" he asked in a cheerful and yet friendly tone, despite how quickly he spoke all his words out. He would wait for the boy to introduce himself before he took roll-call and officially start class.


    Takumi was sitting in almost the same exact seat he was in the previous day, proudly wearing the modified version of his old white Lugia dorm jacket. Though quite honestly, some would consider it was some kind of lab coat or overcoat considering how long it was. That and its white color.

    He had quickly gotten up when Elizabeth had fallen with her suitcase, however it seems another student had beaten him to the chance of helping her. If any of the students had even laughed at Elizabeth embarrassing herself like that, he would make sure they would regret doing so. After all, a student should respect their teachers...

    Or at least, in Takumi's case, most of them. After all, he still holds disdain for Gary Oak's actions when dealing with the Lugia Dorm haunting a few years back. That situation had taken away Takumi's chance of living a normal school life and sent him back to that special school for another 3 years. While Gary and the Ghost pokemon haunting the dorm are not the real target of his own anger, he plans on seeing to it that he strikes back against both of them before he goes for his true goal...

    But enough of the fantasizing of his future ambitions. Today was his second day in Ancient Johto History. Still, despite his own problems with the "immaturity" he viewed most students of the academy having, Dante's actions to help Elizabeth have redeemed the boy from this stereotype in Takumi's eyes. Congrats Dante, you are one of the few students Takumi respects.

    Takumi's eyes gleemed with a sense of satisfaction when Elizabeth announced what they would do in class today. Learning the secrets of Ancient Johto's enchanted pokeballs. Something he had been waiting for since Elizabeth first showed that pokeball and meowth in the previous class.

    He stayed silent for now when Dante asked his question. While Takumi got a small idea of their creation, namely by enchanting them, back in the last class, today seemed like it would be a more detailed and exact description. Should today's lesson prove successful, he may just start his own experiments with these unique ancient enchanted pokeballs.


    What was this boy doing, one might ask? All he's doing is heading straight for the Pokemon Legend Studies class being taught by a Mr. ... Ryan Newson/Jbsundown according to his schedule. Might just turn out to be a promising day after all. And hey, maybe he'll meet one of the people he already got along with somewhat here at the academy after class. Pikachu already on the boy's shoulder, he walked into the classroom and sat down.
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