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Danielle Accola & Megan Sandoval

“Yes.” Danielle whispered as her question about battling was answered briefly from Megan. She smiled as she received the syllabus from Leah. She skimmed it quickly to find anything that might interest her. But most of the syllabus had more pop quiz dates than battling. Megan did say battles are included.

As Leah finished passing out the Syllabus, the student sitting by the window raised her hand. Megan quickly noticed the hand raised and responded with a “Yes, sweetie?”

“Excuse me, I notice you have your Pokemon out, and some other students have bug-types out as well. Should we all do that, if we have the appropriate type? If so, how many?” she asked out.

“Very good question.” Megan replied. “In order to keep the classroom less crowded, I am limiting Pokemon to two per student. Preferably one of each typing, but it is not required. Just be sure they are properly trained and behaved. You don’t want them distracting you during the lecture, right?” She chuckled as she turned to Avan, sitting on the chair still.

Danielle thought she wouldn’t fit in the class, because she doesn’t have a Pokemon of the corresponding type…then she realized something, taking out the Pokeball that contained Sector. “I forget I have you, Sector. Hehe.” She whispered at the ball. “I’ll take you out later when we go battle.”

Next to Danielle, Mark raised his hand. “Could I ask questions about my own Pokemon after class, Miss Sandoval?”

“Sure.” Megan replied, “And that goes for the rest of you. If you have questions regarding your Pokemon, you can ask those to me after class.” She then walked back to the white board, with Mimi turning on the LCD Projector. Megan thanked the Meganium, as Bree used her telekinetic power to turn off the lights.

For Danielle, she had paper and a pen ready to go, it was also a time to learn more about Sector. Maybe she will benefit a lot for learning.

“Okay, class.” Megan started. “Today, we are going to talk about what makes grass and bug types special. Why is this class formed? Why do we need to know about these two types?” She clicked on the remote to move to the next slide. “Class, I ask you this question: Name a difference between a grass-type and a bug-type.”

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