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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
@Machomuu: This isn't the anime. Legendaries are not godmodders. They're X level and weak to fighting type moves. Or whatever. They are only marginally stronger than their equivalent non-legendaries, generally.

Regardless, I guess if more people agreed I could consider it. I definitely feel uneasy about it though.
Well I'm talking about this more in the context of the non-level based RP, in which case, they'd still be rather strong. Maybe not invincible or as strong as previously stated, but seeing that it's possible for a regular pokemon to beat another pokemon 20 levels above them (heavily depending on the pokemon in question), it does give something of a reference point as to whether one should fear them or not, especially given the margin in their natural stats. I mean, I'd be a little disappointed if The Original One was beaten by some 10 year old and his six pokemon, which sadly is incredibly possible and almost easy. I'd like to think that legendaries live up to their name and couldn't be defeated so easily given their importance, but due to the strict RPG nature of the games and the marginal difference between the canons of the games and pretty much every other piece of pokemon media out there, there's nothing to suggest such a thing to be true, and thus, we're forced to rely on stuff like levels, stats, and the like. It really does detract from the surreal realism of it all, especially since quite a few things aren't explained, thus making us work with what we know. It also detracts quite a bit from the terror and power that legendaries appear to exude, and even in the non-main games legendaries are pretty easy; which is pretty disappointing to me.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure we were referring to the legendaries that did get erased, like Mewtwo and Rayquaza, not the ones that still exist. I was, at least.
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