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    4 gym badge in one update here we go

    Started Pokemon Yellow Named myself Yellow and my Rival Gary
    Got Pikachu named him (Not that i can tell but i'll call Pikachu a guy) Sparky
    Battled Gary and lost.
    Got the Pokedex
    Caught a Spearow and Mankey and named them Killer and Chop respectively
    trained Sparky to 10
    Trained Killer and Chop to 10
    Caught a Caterpie and named it Demon
    trained Demon to lvl 10
    Demon evolved to Metapod and then to Butterfree
    entered Pewter City
    Defeated Brock at the Pewter City Gym and got the badge
    release Demon, Killer and Chop
    Battled the Trainers on Route 3 and Sparky Trained to 15
    Caught a Sandshrew and a Rattata and named them Claw and Fangs respectively
    Trained Claw and Fangs to lvl 14
    Caught a Clefairy and named it Fairy
    Trained it to 14
    Batted Jessie & James and defeated them (I wonder am i going to see them again nah)
    Entered Cerulean City
    Battled Rival Gary and this time won
    Battle the Cerulean City Gym leader Misty and i lost once and them rechallenge her and defeated her
    released Claw, Fangs and Fairy
    Defeat all Trainers on Nugget Bridge and defeated Team Rocket Grunt
    Caught a Bellsprout and named it Weed
    Defeat the Trainers on Route 25 and meet bill
    Defeated the Team Rocket Grunt In Cerulean City
    Caught a Pidgey and named it Air Wind
    trained Air Wind to 18
    Air Wind Evolve to Pidgeotto
    Trained Sparky to 23
    Entered Vermillion City
    Caught a Drowzee and named it PsyPunch
    Trained Weed, Air Wind and PsyPunch to 23
    defeated Vermillion City Gym leader Lt. Surge and Sparky grew to 26
    released Weed, Air Wind and PsyPunch
    Caught a jigglypuff and named it Lit B****
    Caught a Dugtrio and named it Dugger
    Trained Lit B**** to 19
    Lit B**** evolve to Wigglytuff
    Lit B**** trained to 23
    Caught a Oddish and named it Slave
    Caught a Magnemite and named it Flash (just for Rock Tunnel only)
    defeat all the Trainers in Rock Tunnel
    Caught a Zubat and named it Batty
    Trained Batty to 25
    Batty Evolve to Golbat
    trained Lit B**** to 26
    Entered Vermillion City
    Caught a Dodue and named it Beak
    Trained Beak to 25
    Trained Beak at the Gym and defeated Erika and Beak level rose to 29
    released Lit B****, Dugger, Slave, Flash,Batty and Beak
    Caught a Pidgeotto (yes it's my sceond one but i'm planning to evolve it for the next gym) and named it Gokenku (my Character on
    Battled Jessie and james and defeated them (I think they want my buddy Sparky)
    caught a Cubone and name it Boner
    Trained both Sparky and Gokenku to 31 and trained Boner to 28 and Boner Evolve to Marowak
    again Battled Jessie and james and defeated them
    put Marowak in Daycare
    Gokenku grew to 34
    saved and stopped

    Current Team
    Sparky - Pikachu Lvl 31

    Gokenku - Pidgeotto

    Former Team
    Killer - Spearow Lvl 6 - 10

    Chop - Mankey Lvl 5 - 11

    Demon - Butterfree Lvl 5 - 10

    Claw -Sandshrew Lvl 8 - 15

    Fangs - Rattata Lvl 12 - 17

    Fairy - Clafairy Lvl 11 - 15

    Weed - Weepinbell Lvl 12 - 23

    Air Wind - Pidgeotto Lvl 15 - 23

    PsyPunch - Drowzee Lvl 15 - 23

    Lit B**** - Wigglytuff Lvl 5 - 26

    Dugger - Dugtrio Lvl 29 (didn't use him enough only a few times)

    Flash - Magnemite Lvl 14 (only for Flash)

    Slave - Oddish Lvl 12 (only for Cut)

    Batty - Golbat Lvl 17 - 26

    Beak - Doduo Lvl 24 - 29

    I might Update when i get my 6th badge
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