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    Name: Boston Jargis

    Nickname (Optional):Boss or Jarg

    Age (10-13): 13

    Sex (Male or Female): Male

    Appearance: Boston is 5'5, about 120 pounds, and has long green hair that reaches his shoulders. He has muscular arms, and is a quite fast. He always wears a long sleeved navy blue shirt with a Cascade Badge displayed on the front. He keeps his sleeves rolled up and wears dark blue jeans and a navy beanie. He also has a blue backpack that Mike gave him before he died. He fought a gang once by himself, and was cut across the chest deeply by a knife. He also has deep, navy colored eyes with red flecks in them. He always wears blue trainers with neon blue shoe laces and black outlines.

    Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): He's very defensive of himself and people who have earned his respect. He used to be a trouble maker, and still is if it involves adults. He tends to be a bit arrogant, but is really sweet if you take the time to know him. He used to be quite a jerk, but has taken the road to becoming nicer. The only reason he survived the wilderness was by searching for whatever berries and bark he could find. He wants to destroy every adult that would even dream of attaking kids, and will stop at nothing to do so. He has a war cry, "Viva la children!!"

    History: Boston grew up in Eterna City where some adults hate children and some don't. He tended to pick fights with the ones that didn't, which led to him getting in trouble quite a bit. His parents moved to Jubilife at a young age, for they hated children. He was alone until one kind teenager named Mike Wizowski found him and took him under his wing. They stayed together through thick and thin, but eventually agents from Jubilife kidnapped and killed Mike. Boston took his [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]revenge[/COLOR][/COLOR] by turning into Polo and slaughtered an entire squad of adults with his mighty Hydro Pump Hyper Beam combo. In a fit of anger, he fled to Hearthome City in hopes of joining the kid resistance.

    Pokéspirit (No legendaries. Alternate color schemes are allowed.)
    Species: Blastoise

    Nickname (Optional): Polo

    Personality (Can be as short or long as you want): He's excactly like Boston in terms of personality.

    Moves (Maximum of 6. TM and egg moves are allowed. These are the moves your character gets when they fuse): Hydro Pump,Focus Blast,Iron Defense,Rapid Spin,Mirror Coat,Hyper Beam

    Other (Optional): Only uses one cannon for Hydro Pump and Focus Blast, and when he's in deep trouble, uses one for Hydro Pump and one for Hyper Beam. He's a forest green.

    Opening Post: Boston stumbled out of the forest, and gaped at the ruins of Hearthome City. It's not what I thought it would be, but it's free of adults, and that's good enough for me. He started to walk towards it. It had been mere days since they had killed Mike, and his heart was pumping with hatred. I know that fellow wielders would help me get revenge. They have too! Mike, I won't let you down buddy. I WILL avenge you! Believe it! He clenched his fist with determination and continued walking. These guys hate adults just as much as me, I'm sure of it! He dug around in his pack for one of the many interesting things he found during his journeys: a piece of wood that mysteriously like a wave. It always calms him to look at it. I'm sorry Mike...I couldn't get there in time. It's all my fault...

    He ate the last of the Oran Berries he had gathered hours ago as he entered the city gate. He had been living off of whatever berries and edible bark he could find, which in all honesty wasn't that much. He had managed to put off weight, which was bad at the current times. He couldn't turn into Polo due to the fact that he would merely rage and destroy anything. Where could I find the leader here? He wondered around spotting handfuls of kids here or there, but no one seemed to notice the lost, hungry kid with a scar. "Hello? Where is the leader?" he called out hoping for a response.
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