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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Username: Sector Revenge
Two Partner Pokemons: Jesse the Krookodile & Carrie the Flygon
Reason for joining: Sandstorm in general is actually a beastly team if you have the right Pokemon. In fact, I love creating a Sandstorm team the best I can make it. Its quite a challenge! Club looks real good, I'm impressed!

What's your most favorite type among these three: Steel, Rock, Ground and why? Steel. They are very powerful & defensive, they are not to be taken lightly & that's what I like about these specific types. Ground would be 2nd due to mainly of the attacks of Earthquake & Electric resistance. Rock has never been one of my favorite types for some reason.

What's your favorite Sand Pokemon?
Well obviously its either the Dragons of Flygon & Garchomp vs Tyranitar for me. I've always loved this reptile-like creatures. I do have to give an honorable mention to Krookodile, just because of its design. It looks pure epic badass.

List 2 ability that have "sand" in theirs name.
Sand Rush & Sand Veil
Hmm, I don't think steel maybe perfect for offense. They commonly have high defense and special defense, and they are one of two types that can resist Dragon, one of the most powerful type at the time being. But that doesn't mean Steel always be the wall in most team. The most useful steel move to me is Bullet Punch, which fits Techinician Scizor perfectly. And rock type, I think you're right. None of the powerful rock type moves is 100% hit, so maybe the noticeable is Stealth Rock. Double battle with a rock type and a ground type is so inconvenient, cause with an Earthquake, the rock-type one is OHKO. So to prevent this to happen, I suggest using Air Balloon for the main rock (Tyranitar for ex) -pokemon

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Username: AlexOzzyCake
Two Partner Pokemon: Orange the Sandshrew & Bronzong the Bronzong <3
Reason for joining: Tonnes of my favourite Pokémon are included in this club so it'd be a shame if I didn't!

I'll answer one topic now and the others later

What's your favorite Sand Pokemon?
Anyone that knows me will know the answer to this. Sandshrew! <3 It's so cute and tough and powerful and cool and literally everything that you need in a good Pokémon. It's robust, versatile, it has a wonderful design and just everything about it is either cool or insanely cute. It can pack a surprising punch with Swords Dance and Poison Jab, as well as evolving into what can be a real powerhouse of a Pokémon, Sandslash. It's eyes are the more adorable ever and its little paws and tale can't help making me smile <3 It has always been my favourite Pokemon and, other than potentially Bronzong, it always will be <3 Literally the only thing I don't love about Sandshrew is its shiny form since green is icky, but Sandslash's lovely colours more than make up for this

Also just curious but should Darumaka and Scraggy be included since they're both desert dwelling Pokémon? o3o
Oh, I forgot Darumaka, I'm so sorry i'll add Scraggy to the list too D:
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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Now that you've brought that up, I'm standing my ground that Groudon isn't a Sand Pokemon. Sure it's a ground type, a continent Pokemon. But it reside on Lava instead doesn't it? Drought ability wouldn't fit in the Sand arena all that well. Um..Not sure if its just me but yeah. Groudon's to much of a fire power beast than working in a heavily storm gang.
Groudon main type is ground, he's pure ground type, and He's the one who use Drought to make desert, and his Earthquake to make continents. But yeah, He's still a Desert one.
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Hey, you guys should check this out, it is an awesome club, I confirmed that