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    Looks like 2013 is actually a possibility for the EU release. But I want the game soon, even October looks like a good date. :(

    Also, whenever we actually get the game, I'm gonna hold off on using Akihiko and will only use Naoto offline until I get a better idea on the mechanics. Since they're hard to use and not exactly the best out there, I want a beginner friendly who not only is easy to use, but generally has good match ups all around. I guess you could call him my main for a while, because I'm gonna be using Teddie exclusively for the first month. Depending on the situations, I might even sub him after that, since he can destroy the top tiers. I think using an easier, beginner-friendly character to start out with in fighting games is always the best thing to do.

    Also, since using one character is boring, I'll actually learn and will use Kanji instead of Labrys alongside Teddie. Not only does he have the best looking Persona and the best IK (It's called "The Man Series: Brofist"...), but I'm liking what I'm seeing of him A LOT. QCF grapples are godsend.

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