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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post

@Machomuu: Well, I mean, the absense of levels in the RP doesn't change the fact that they give us a relative strength to go by when dealing with unique canon characters like legendary pokemon. Legendaries would not/will not godmod. I don't like that trope anyway.
As far as RPs go, I feel the same way. Personally I do think they should have incredible power to compliment the magnitude of their elements of governance, but as characters I don't think they fit; far too many power imbalances and other discrepancies. Plus, they're depicted in canon as being far too weak to have the strength you'd expect from "legendaries (I mean, they did canonize the capture of one, technically two legendaries, one of which governs Yin/Yang, so that tells you something about how strong they are). It's sad, really, since they are mostly literally embodiments of facets of reality, you'd think they'd have incredible power. Oh well, I blame childhood ambition.
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