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Fair enough, it does seem to take away from that "terrible power" when you see them on the same level as normal pokemon, which in reality, they may be. Groudon, for instance, seems to be this incredibly powerful Godzilla-esque creature, and he is, with Kyogre's help he can literally create continents, but it could still be taken down by a Blastoise. It saddens me, really, in the sense of power over substance.

Growing up, I've always seen legendaries as these "uber-powerful" beasts that were almost literally gods in terms of power, when in reality they're simply "Uber-Rare" pokemon that the universe may depend...uh, wait, let me rephrase that. In reality they're simply "Uber-Rare" pokemon that may have incredibly important abilities, but regardless of that importance they may not actually have something other than a stat boost. In other words, they're simply pokemon, incredibly small in species, that are just a little bit more special. Zekrom and Reshiram proved that legendaries aren't actually that powerful by comparison...and that realization really takes away from how I feel about the series. The games, anyway, I still have Pokemon Special and that's all that matters.
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