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Title: Ghost ship
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Cortez woke up in a bunk, and looked over at the alarm clock. It read 6:30am. He sat up and looked around the room he was in; it was made of metal, most likely the Tungsten and Iridium combo used to build most of anything military related nowadays.

He started to get up out of bed when he noticed how hot it was. He got up and walked over to the thermometer, next to the window. It said it was 35 Celsius. That’s when he noticed what was outside the window. A gigantic star... and it was getting bigger. Cortez looked at the ship’s hull; it looked like it had seen a big battle. The damage was right where the ships name would have been painted on.

“Holy crap…” He said in disbelief as he pinched himself to see if he was having a nightmare.

He needed to get off the ship, like, now! He spun around and looked around the room. There was a footlocker by the foot of his bed. He jogged over and opened it. Inside was his uniform for the U.N.C.A or United Nations Colonial Authority. The tag on the front read “Sgt. Cortez *Scratched out* Engineer.” He slipped into his uniform and headed over to the doors, which opened in front of him to reveal the corridor. He stepped out and looked both ways. Cortez headed left towards the larger part of the ship, and hopefully the bridge…

17 minutes till collision aka 3 minutes later

Cortez walked down the corridor. It was very eerie due to there being no one around, as well as some of the lights flickering. He pressed on until the entire ship rocked side to side, throwing Cortez to a side. Almost as soon as he hit the floor a loud boom resonated through the halls with a fiery explosion following behind. Cortez sprung to his feet and began to sprint down the hall, shouting every swear he knew at the fiery mass trailing him. He ran through an open blast door and slid to a stop, falling on his back. Cortez quickly got up and slammed on the button to close the heavy metal doors. They awkwardly slid shut. Now that he was safe, he looked around, while panting in exhaustion. A sign on the wall said “BRIDGE” and pointed down a short hallway. He would go down it in a minute, but he needed to catch his breath first.

10 Minutes till Collision.

It was getting really hot now, but Cortez got up. He walked down the hallway to the Bridge. The hallway was bathed with red lights from emergency lights.
The bridge was chaos. Warnings flashing over every screen, sirens blaring, alarm lights blinking. Cortez walked to the front of the bridge; he needed to find out how many escape pods were left. He sat down in the captain’s chairs and logged on to his pc. The password was easy; it was simply “Password”. Sloppy… According to the terminal, there was one pod left. It was in the Captain’s cabin, which shouldn’t be too hard to get to, it was just up one floor.

Cortez hopped out of the chair and started to run towards the exit when he noticed something. He stopped and went back. Next to the Captain’s terminal was a pedestal for an A.I program. Cortez pushed the “on” button. Instead of the physical representation of the program there was an error message. The power supply was damaged. Cortez popped off the panel covering the power supply and got to work. 3 minutes later the power was fixed. He pushed the button again, and this time, a small green man appeared on the pedestal. He was about the size of Cortez’s hand and had computer code running up and down his body. He was dressed in what looked like a uniform for the ship.

“Hello, my name is Theta. It is a pleasure to meet you. Might I ask your name?” The Artificial Intelligence program said.

“My name is Cortez,” The Sargent replied “You do know we are about to crash into a star… right?”

“Yes, I have been tracking this for days, but I haven’t been able to initiate course correction without authorization from the pilot’s terminal.”
Cortez ran down the terminal Theta spoke of. There was a flashing red message on the screen requesting permission the turn the ship around. He touched the button on the screen with his sweaty finger, leaving a mark on the screen of his fingerprint.

Suddenly, the ship jerked to the left and the engines roared. The damaged ship soared right past the star, just barley missing the radius where he would of killed, but it was still pretty close. The ship completed a large U-turn

“Theta,” Cortez yelled “Where are you taking us?”

“To the nearest colony.” He spoke back in a calm voice.

Cortez walked up to the Captain’s chair and sat down.

“I have a video recording you might want to see, Captain Cortez. It’s a recording of how you came here.” Theta said


“Yes.” Theta replied “Someone needs to be in charge of the ship, and you’re the highest ranking person on board.”

“Can you play the video please, Theta?”

“Of course, Sir.”

Cortez sat back and watched the tape as they sailed towards the nearest habited planet. It would hopefully be an easy ride back.

//End Log//