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lovely pair<3
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Originally Posted by Falling Wishes View Post
Thank you & take your time, I can wait c:
Nice Wifi Battle Videos too!

Your Eevee is ready, I just need to nickname it, transfer it, etc and it's in a dive ball!

Originally Posted by DusknoirZac View Post
#636 Larvesta ♂ (level 1)
OT: Tom | 08716
Modest | Flame Body
IVs: 31/0/31/31/31/31
Ember - String Shot

The Gr8, could you CMT for this guy? Thanks

Trapinch/Trapinch ***
Level 1
Hyper Cutter
IVs: 31/31/31/22/31/31
EVs: None

sounds pretty good to me :D

Originally Posted by jerichob10 View Post
Username: Jerichob10
Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Blizzard
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Ability: Whichever
IVs: Near Flawless/Flawless
Shiny: Yes
Ball Type: Dive Ball
Other: N/A

Thanks and please take as much time as you need!!
I can do this except it has to be male eevee, my shiny flawless spreads for Eevees ratio only allow male, im sorry i hope that will be okay though

Originally Posted by Hooh54 View Post
@TheG8, I just forgot an important detail about the Manectric. I want it to have HP Ground 70. I also want it to be on 4th gen so I can earn the contest ribbons for it and all lol.

I can trade some UT shinies and some others in exchange?

yeah, i just need time to work on this one if thats okay?

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