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    Originally Posted by Kezius View Post
    @dcjboi - Your first question is the topic at hand currently.. As for your second

    Was answered already on the last page
    Thanks, When I logged back in you brought it to my attention that I skipped an entire page. Sorry about that.

    Also It is disappointing how a creature that created most of the oceans/land in the world can get defeated so easily. They are made to look like titans and then compared to what they truly are and the feats/stories of them, they seem to be like shadows of their former selves or something. If legendary were made into NPCs, they shouldn't be common to battle or accessible by someone who is weak/alone depending on what is needed to reach the legendary and they also should be relatively strong. Yellow seems to be a well-seasoned RPer so I'm not worried about the outcome of this.

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