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Logan Locks

The road to the marketplace was a short walk. Logan, walking all by herself, and with her Staryu back inside the Pokeball, wanted to go check out the marketplace, before she jumps inside the forest. As she reached the corner, Logan stopped and dug her bag for a minute. All her supplies are in there: bottled water, her food, Pokemon Potions, basically essentials for Staryu. She started to realize that she didn’t need to go to the marketplace. She got the basic needs. She has enough Pokeballs, and the medicine. Logan shrugged and decided to head straight to Route 1.

There weren’t much people, both residents and tourists in the village. Logan started to walk down the path that leads to the route. There were no signs. Logan wasn’t certain which route was the correct route to take. I need a map or something, Logan thought. I can’t manage to get through this region without something. She was approached by an old man with a wooden cane, long beard, and bald. He wore ragged clothing and wooden sandals. He slowly walked up to Logan, as she turned to him.

“Yooooou seem lost there, young one,” he said as he came to a wobbly stop. “Yooou must be some kind of….explorer.”

Logan nodded slowly. “Yes, yes I am…kinda. I’m looking for an area where I can train my Staryu as well as do some exploring. Do you know where?”

The old man’s legs started to shake, on the verge of falling. “Yeeeeah. Why not walk through that path over there?” He pointed to the path in front of him and Logan. “That, my lady, is Route One. You’ll find all kinds of Pokemon there, like Pikachu’s, Caterpies, and even Kangaskahns. Iiiii haven’t seen a Kangaskhan anywhere around them parts, but I heard they are miiiighty fighters.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, sir,” Logan said, eyeing the trail in front of her. “Where will that trail take me?”

“Uhhhh…” The old man had trouble thinking, it took between 30 seconds to a minute to think of what he would say next. “I believe….Kamen Rock. There’s a marketplace and everything.”

Logan nodded again at the old man. “Thank you, sir…for your courtesy. I really appreciate it.” She smiled and started to walk on the trail, heading up. Route one was the trail’s name.

Route One consisted of a forest. So many trees, bushes, basically greenery. Logan had been through the many trails like the one she was in now. It was peacefully quiet, for now. She can faintly hear the sounds of some Pokemon. Hoothoots were still awake, Spinaraks spinning their webs somewhere around the trees, and Pidgeys flying around. Logan kept walking, glancing at each side of the forest. Then, she stopped. She wanted to go inside the forest herself. As she turned to the right side of the trail, she stepped inside the leafy area, feeling that the ground is saturated with water.

As Logan kept walking, she felt a small *thud* on the ground. She wasn’t certain that it was one of the Kangaskhans around the area. The old man did say that there weren’t any. She took a few steps more to find a stream of water right in front of her. The blue water flowed in a straight line, sparkling bright to reflect the rising sun from behind the trees. A small gust of wind blew through, blowing Logan’s ponytail. She took in a sigh as she glanced around the breathtaking forest.

Logan took out her Pokeball again, and released Staryu out of the ball. The ball opened, flashing a white ray on the water stream. As Staryu came out, she jumped on the water, the stream was too weak to push the star shape Pokemon. “Heeyah!”

“You like the water, don’t you? Obvious, you’re a water-type.” Logan sighed, as Staryu splashed water on the flowing stream, splatting some at Logan. Logan’s legs were sprinkled with water, then chuckled with the Staryu. “Stop it, you! Haha!”

Meanwhile, behind a bush nearby the trainer, something (or someone) is hiding right behind the big bush. The eyes shined, reflecting the sun’s rays. They blinked quickly, then started to walk back. This something (or someone) was aiming towards Staryu.


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