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    Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
    Your Username: heretostay123
    Partner Pokemon: Magmortar

    Why do you like Fire-Types?: The blazing inferno is the fuel to my spirit!
    Great reason! Some points for you!

    Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
    Your Username:Rodriguez
    Partner Pokemon: oshawott jk Charizard
    Why do you like Fire-Types?: Why not why chose a leaf or rain when you burn foes with a flamethrower
    Okay, you're both in, but you can choose another un-evolved Pokemon.

    Heatran, Reshiram and Volcarona are all unique in Combined Types. Have you got any personal thoughts about these Pokemon?

    I'd have to say Heatran can be very useful even with speed. Reshiram, I'm just glad they made a Fire/Dragon Type. Onto Volcarona, it is pretty much the strongest non-legendary Bug-Type Pokemon. All because of the part Fire-Type. Bug-Types are usually VERY weak, unless paired with a good type or, well of course, unless it's a legendary like Genesect. Heatran can top anything with just a few attacks PLUS the very powerful Magma Storm, which still has a high chance of attacking YET has great attack and it traps the foe in the firestorm! As for Reshiram, I pretty much have nothing to say but very powerful, and win/awesome moveset. It could also learn elemental attacks and put out every Pokemon.