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    As a young Pokemon trainer I'd spend my days training to uncover the secrets of the Lacunosa Legend. When I finally decided I was ready I chased down the beast only to get obliterated. So I'd disappear into the wilderness with only my 6 Pokemon and the clothes on my back, not telling a soul.
    After an extended period of time searching for the secrets to the Lacunosa Legend I would run into a secret organisation dedicated to the same cause I have been training for. A small group of trainers all alive and well with their own team of extraordinarily strong Pokemon presumed dead because of the time they had been missing for.
    I join the organisation and train with my new family until finally a clue. Leading us to Giant Chasm.
    BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN! The one exceptional trainer who shot their way up the ranks of Pokemon training and single handedly dismantled a criminal organisation threatening the Unova region, the new Champion of the Unova Elite 4 swoops down as if by accident and demands the respect of the legendary Pokemon with his fancy expensive Master Ball (as if they didn't have everything already).
    With no way to investigate the mystery without exposing ourselves we part ways to never return to the Unova region.
    Years after I'd have made it to the region the call Hoenn and taken the concept of the Battle Subway from Nuvema town to build on my wife's now deceased father's private island.
    I am currently searching for tough trainers to invite to compete on the island. So far I've been quite successful in my endeavours, in fact I just burned a rookie trainer wearing a stupid green outfit LOL!
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