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Name: AlexOzzyCake
Pick a pokemon from the list: Hypno *shudders*
What's your favorite creepy topic?: I don't know about favourite, but at the moment I'm most interested in the girl on Marvellous Bridge - does anyone know what that's about? x.x
Do you have a favorite character from a Creepypasta?: Joey-Raticate :(

... That poor poor Ampharos having to fight Joey. ;; Anyway onto a lighter note, does anyone know what the girl on Marvellous Bridge is all about? I mean, I assumed it was a Zorua or something but she never comes back so... who knows o.o I certainly don't for one, so if anyone has an idea it'd be great to hear it x] As for the Cubone Conspiracy, I don't actually know about it D: Anyone want to fill me in? \o/