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    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 5

    'Wake up, wake up, wake uppppp~' Eve walked around with a pot and something made from steel and used it as a drum. 'Wake up lazybuds!' Eve slammed against the pot a little harder, trying to wake up her friends.

    ''s 6 in the morning...' Zeke nagged, Eve sounded like a sergeant from the army just now. 'Yeah... Please let us sleep a little more...' Gloria pressed the pillow she had on her head, trying to demp the sound of Eve, slamming the pot. 'Do you think we can find your friend in just a few minutes?!' Eve trew her out of the bed, using her feet to turn her around. 'Ouch...' Gloria mumbled.

    A hour later, when everyone was up and had breakfast they packed in to leave to look around for Aisha. 'Where are we going to actually?' Khaos asked the little girl who was ready before everyone else. 'To a corrupted city nearby, it's not so far away from here.' Eve answered him with a smile. 'It's dangerous over there though, so be cautious.' Eve warned everyone, facing them while walking to the door. 'Why is it dangerous? You just said it was corrupted.' Jamie asked her.

    'It might be corrupted and left, but there are alot of demons, more than everywhere else, you might find the demon you're looking for.' Eve grinned and opened the door. 'Now, shall we?' She walked outside as she waited for her friend to follow her. 'Can we trust her...?' Jamie asked Khaos desparetly. 'She's one of us.' Khaos answered her. 'Huh?' Zeke came closer and gave him a questionating expression. 'She can hear really well, she's useful, and one of us.' Khaos answered Zeke's expression. 'Ahhh... Okay then.' Zeke followed the girl, without asking anything else.

    As everyone was outside they walked through the forest, holding their guns, Khaos less cautious than the others though. It didn't take long for them to reach the city Eve was talking about, they hadn't seen any demon on their way though, it had been quiet, way too quiet.

    'Stay cautious... This is the dangerous part.' Eve holded her gun forward her, ready to shout of a demon would show up. 'Where are we going?' Gloria whispered to Eve, looking around. There were alot of buildings, there was even a building that looked a little like the Empire State building, but half of the building was gone... The streets looked left, papers on the ground on a few places and alot of stones were lost and spreaded over the streets. Just like Eve had said, this city was left and corrupted, this would be the perfect city for demons to live.

    'We are going to a hospital nearby, last time i was here to look around for food i saw demons gathering there.' Eve answered Gloria. 'When was the last time you came here?' Jamie asked her, looking around desparetly and reacting on every sound she heard. 'Two days ago.' Eve answered. Gloria and Jamie glanced at each other and gave a little nod. 'Two days ago Aisha was kidnapped.' Jamie told the group. 'Which means she must be there...' Gloria said, you could hear that she had hope again, hope to find Aisha.

    'It's so weird... I haven't seen any demon, normally you find a demon everywhere you look.' Eve shaked her head out of disbelief. 'Then, let's go to that hospital you mentioned quick, before we find out this was all a trap to lure us out.' Zeke holded his shotgun close to his chest, not keeping any demon alive that would attack.

    'It's over there.' After crossing a few streets, Eve pointed at a white, old-looking hospital that also looked left. 'That's where i saw the demons gathering.' Eve walked closer to the old building. 'Zane? Are there living beings inside?' Khaos asked him. 'Lemme check~'

    Zane concentrated on the white building, closing his eyes and turning to the ground. 'There is a group unnatural things, walking through the hospital, and one standing still in a big room.' Zane said. 'Those unnatural things must be the demons.' Jamie whispered. Zane concentrated a little more. 'And... There is a girl inside... In the same room as that demon, the big room.' Zane opened his eyes only to find out Jamie and Gloria started panicking. 'D-don't worry, for now she's okay, the warmth was still inside her body, she hasn't been killed yet.' Zane quickly said. 'T-then let's go!' Jamie opened the hospital door and sneaked inside, followed by Gloria and Zeke.

    'But... She might be taken over by a demon...' Zane said sadly, knowing they couldn't hear him anymore. 'What do ya mean?' Eve asked him, putting her gun down. 'There was a unnatural warmth inside her...' Zane took a look at Khaos who only smirked. 'Don't worry, she's not taken over, soon you'll find out, let's go.' Khaos grabbed his shoulder and pushed him inside, followed by the little girl. 'We need you to tell us where the demons are in the building.' Khaos smirked at Zane, who then nodded and took his shoulder back.

    'So... Where are they, Zane?' Gloria asked when everyone was hiding behind a wall. 'There's one two rooms away from here, let's be careful...' Zane started to crawl two rooms futher, he saw a creature inside and crawled back. 'You guys go past me, i'll stop the demon if he chases us.' Everyone nodded and followed Zane, waiting before they crossed the hallway. The demon didn't hear them so he didn't look, this was the right chance for Zane to cross the hallway too and follow his friends.

    'A stairway...' Zeke whispered after dodging a few demons on the floor. 'She's on the floor above us.' Zane replied quietly. 'Weird enough there are no demons on the second floor, except for that one in the big room.' Zane added and looked at Khaos again. 'It's indeed suspicious...' Khaos made a energy ball with his hand and walked over the staircase followed by the others with their guns, Zeke with his shotgun.

    'That's the room.' Zane pointed to a room in the end of the hallway when they were on the second floor. 'Be careful guys.' Jamie said as she started to get nervous, not only Jamie, Gloria as well. 'Let's go!' Everyone ran to the room located at the end of the hallway.

    'Now!' Khaos opened the door with his energy ball and made a new one while everyone gathered inside and pointed at a man-looking demon with their guns. The room was dark, and the only light in the room came from the windows.

    'I had expected you...' The man smirked, it was the same man they had seen before, the man with brown hair, black shirt and green army pants. 'I am Radcliff.' The man bowed, but when he didn't hear names, only the sound of a reloading shotgun he stood back up. 'You're probely here to "save" your friend, aren't i right?' The man smirked, trying to be nice. 'Give her back!' Jamie shouted at him, pointing her gun at him. 'Give her back? HAHA!' Radcliff started laughing. 'Haha! Sorry, but give me one reason why i would give her back.' Radcliff smirked at them.

    'We didn't came here to give you reasons, we came her to save their friend.' Zeke said, also pointing at him with his shotgun. 'Well well, how nice, i didn't knew Aisha had such friends, shall i feel guilty now?' Radcliff grinned brightly, almost laughing again about his own jokes. 'I'm sorry but, Aisha is no more.' Radcliff told them. 'Liar! I can feel her warmth!' Zane shouted at him, showing that he obviously didn't like that guy. 'Yeah but... You can also feel it's not a human wamrth inside her, right?' Radcliff couldn't stop grinning, and stepped a little aside.

    'What do ya mean...?' Gloria putted a hand forward her mouth, scared something had happened with her. 'So... You are her best friends, but... You didn't even know about her darkest secret?' Radcliff signed something with his hand. 'Watch out! Something's coming our way!' Zane pushed everyone back as he got attacked by something. 'Zane!!' His brother immediately shouted. 'I'm alright... Don't worry.' Zane stood up again.

    'Dude! Stop talking nonsense and give our friend back before i shout hundred bullets in your stupid man-looking body, you demon!' Jamie started to get angry. 'Okay then, here, you have your friend.' Radcliff smirked again and made a "here she is" move with his hands as a women looking creature stood forward them.

    The woman had long black hair, looked young, maybe she was a teenager too. She had a long white dress with sleeves till her hands and around her waist was a blue, small ribbon. But the worst of all, this woman wasn't human, she had black wings.

    'That's not Aisha! Stop joking around!' Gloria shouted to the man who was suddenly gone. 'T-that... I'm sorry Gloria... That girl... IS Aisha...' Zane took a few steps back. 'There's an enormous energy coming from her... I don't think we can stop her with only our guns...' Zane added, looking scared.

    'T-that's... Aisha...?' Jamie's eyes widened and started to tear up. 'We were too late...' Gloria sadly spoke. 'Ah stop whining little girl.' Aisha said. 'I'm not taken over, this side of me just never came out.' Aisha started laughing. 'Stop talking like that Aisha, you and i both know this is not the real you.' Khaos smirked at Aisha. 'Well well, guess we meet again, Khaos.' The girl looked disgusted at him. 'It's better to clean you guys up right away instead of letting you live any longer.' The woman came closer to the group, Khaos stood forward them. 'Time to sleept~' She said as she made a fire ball with her right hand while having her left one in her waist.

    Gloria and Jamie holded each other as they looked terrified, Zane and Zeke pointed their guns at Aisha. 'Good friend you have there.' Zane commented on Gloria and Jamie. 'She used you all along to lure us all out to here.' Zane added with a angry look, ready to strike.

    Aisha laughed evil once more before she pointed the fire ball at them. 'It was me a honor, "friends"' She said with her creepy voice. 'Farewell~' she was ready to shout the fire ball.

    'Not today, my lady.' A boy grabbed her wrist and made her shout the fire ball to the roof, some stones came down and the roof looked like it was going to collapse. 'Don't do things you're gonna regret.' The boy now holded both her wrists and turned her to the ground. 'Let's change you back before you bring harm, no?' The boy holded his right hand on her back, on the place her heart was located in her chest, and electricated her.
    Slowly the black hair of the woman turned blonde again and the woman took her human form, the form Gloria and Jamie had known for 4 years. 'What's happening here...?' Jamie looked confused and scared on the same time, they were saved by that boy, but who was he and why did he help them?
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