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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Hi there, welcome to the gallery~! :D Great to see you posting your stuff here!

I really like the softness of your coloring in the first few images, it's really nice on the eyes. :3 That little glowing detail in Sharpedo's eye is also very pretty, little things like those make pictures so great to look at!

Keep doing what you're doing, though I would really recommend working on your anatomy and body shapes a little more! n_n Sableye's body looks somewhat "bendy" for lack of better term and it's hard to tell where the limbs attach and such. But yeah, all-in-all, just keep doing what you're doing but pay extra close attention to the body shape and anatomy. I'll be looking forward to seeing more!
Thank youuu c:
yeah i've been told a lot to work on my anatomy, it's gotten a lot better compared to what it was though xD

Originally Posted by AsheDD View Post
Lovely work. I love how you gave personality to the pokemon you drew. In almost each drawing there's a sense of a story which is always playful and fun.

I can see a sense of your personal style through the different colors of each outline. Although, I'd love to see some more traditional art as well :D
Thanks :3

I'm drawing something just now so in the mean time here's some more trad stuff:

a present for a friend, the medic from tf2

yeah i can't draw horses :u

all of these are from last year, my anatomy wasn't as great then x3

expect some more art up soon~ :3
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