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Username: Xeninacra
Partner Pokemon: White Kyurem
Reason for joining: This seems the perfect club to start. I like how White Kyurem looks, it's kind of an angel fused with a monster, which makes him a creepy angel. Nice combination.
Answer to current topic: Since they both have the same (inverted Attack/Defense and Sp. Att./Sp. Def.), I'm picking between the Special Kyurem (White) and the Physical Kyurem (Black). I'd probably go with the Special Kyurem, I find it more useful.
Extra contribution(s): I have made two userbars, hope you like them:

I hadn't seen the quiz XP
So, here I go:

Q.1: In order to get Black/White Kyurem, what item must you use to fuse them together? Gene Wedge.

Q.2: If you have a LV.100 Black Kyurem with a beneficial nature, which of it's stats will be the highest? Attack and Defense?

Q.3: What is White Kyurem's signature move? Ice Burn.

Q.4: Where do you catch Kyurem? Giant Chasm.

Q.5: What is Black Kyurem's ability? Teravolt.

Allez, hop!