Thread: Development: Creating New Battle Animations
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    Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
    Why would anyone want to add new moves to the games that have all the moves that people want already? I'm pretty sure that B/W and B2/W2 have a completely different hex language than the GBA games, anyways, so it'd be very hard to do.

    Also, I recently tried adding the new animations to FireRed. I grabbed the False Swipe animation and pasted your background code for Night Slash before it (because I think that False Swipe's animation fits Night Slash better than regular Slash, but that's just me.) Then, I repointed (using PGE's Attack Editor) to the offset that I pasted the animation code in. It didn't work; it did the animation for Pound instead. So I grabbed the Night Slash code you made and repointed to that instead. Same thing, didn't work. Am I doing something wrong?
    Double check and make sure AttackAnimationTable=&H1C68F4 is in your roms.ini

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