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    Kid... Kid, snap out of it! Wake up!!

    Amethyst looked to be in some sort of blind fury, and all it took was Lucy's gentle touch to snap her right back to normal, as well as nearly make her jump.

    "Are you... Alright?"

    Amethyst nodded, glancing up at her. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

    Maybe because you were standing there staring into space and leaking your energy out in strong waves! What the hell are you doing??

    Amethyst gave a quick glance around. Wasn't that boy standing in front of here? Wasn't there a fight going on? It seemed like a lot had changed. I... I must have drained my power... I feel so weak... She looked to be losing the ability to stand up straight, as she began to just lean into Lucy, finding a comfortable place to rest her head at Lucy's side. She was still conscious, however, ready to move forward. Though now it seemed someone else was going with them too. Amy, sort of in a daze at this point, took notice of the beanie that was now in Lucy's possession. Wasn't that the other boy's hat? She noticed that it seemed rather dark. I think that'll match my dress... She, eyes half-open and looking as brain-dead as ever, took the beanie and put it on, somehow content with her decision on wearing it.

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