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History: 10 lines minimum Xander grew up in Saffron city in a small house near the pokemart, where his dad worked.when he was 7, his mom left on a trip to johto, but never came back.Xanders dad was forced to work twice as hard to supply him and Xander with food, sometime working for several weeks with no days off.This left Xander alone most days, forced to fend for himself against bullies and such, but he eventually got used to it.Every now and then they would hear about a trainer in johto that looks just like his mom, but they never heard from her.Xander had few friends and was often the target of bullying, causing him to be quiet and cautious around people he doesnt know.Due to his dad always working and Xander having few friends,his pokemon became his friends and family, and he sees all pokemon as essentially good creatures, no matter how mean or evil their trainers.Life at home was often boring forhim, so some days he would go in and help his father at work. One day though, a customer left an egg on the counter, and left, but never returned. oddly enough, it had a note on it adressed to Xander saying, o my beloved son.Xander regained hope that his mom was still out there and hadnt forgotten him.Xander, then aged ten, was given the task of raising this egg, which eventually hatched into an evee. His evee was his friend and family and helped defeat his friends, and enemies, in small battles. Xander always idolized Sabrina and wanted to be a great trainer like her, so he caught pokemon, and traded, for psychic types with his friends. He decided he wanted to join the acadamy because of this, adn in hopes he will gain new friends. His dad saw something about the acadamy on tv and knew Xander would like it. After researching the acadamy, Xander decided he wanted to join, with the goal of becoming a great trainer like Sabrina and someday finding his mom again.