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<Come on, cant we just introduce ourselves already?> Casper asked Ryan. Casper, you are way too impatient. <hey i heard that!> Casper exclaimed. They were hiding in a tree near Eterna city,watching the two girls.

The younger one didnt seem to notice that the fight was already over, and was still standing there, exuding waves of power. Hmm.. she doesnt looklike much , but she could be dangerous. Ryan thought. The older girl walked up to her and seemed to be talking to the younger girl, and the younger one seemed to calm down, but was exhausted. The little girl then proceeded to grab the beanie the one boy spirit wielder left the older one and put it on her head.

<gahh!>Casper exclaimed. "thank god you cant talk out loud, otherwise we would be caught" Ryan whispered. A male spirit wielder had just appeared out of nowhere and seemed to be talking to the girls.

"Hmm.... i wonder what will happen, lets see if the girls are friendly or not."Ryan said to casper under his breath as they continued to wait.

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