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    Alex Rouse
    Eterna City
    Alex approached the western gate that led to Eterna forest. He tried his best to remain calm as he exited through the other side, but his breathing was short and sharp. "I must have used too much of my energy getting here this quickly...its been a few days since I have eaten too. I know better. I should have taken some of my reserves with me." A little drained, he carried on down the winding path through the tall trees and saw a small group of individuals up ahead. They were children, same as he was, two girls and two boys standing near each other. Alex's stomach snarled at him as he staggered over towards the group.


    As he drew closer he could faintly hear Jaqen chuckling and muttering inside his head. "No, not this time, we are out numbered 4 to 1 and we have no idea what they are capable of yet. Besides, I am tired of running and fighting. We have made it this far, but we can't keep doing it forever. Things are changing." "Suit yourself, boy. But what are you going to do if these new...unf...friends aren't so friendly? What if they are headed south to take what they want before leaving like...mmrrnh...everyone else? I am all you have left, we can't trust anyone. You'd do well to remember that."

    Alex sneered at Jaqens words, though there was some twisted form of truth to them. He tried not to dwell on it much, after all he needed to find out what has been happening, why it was happening. He had so many questions and maybe someone here could finally give him some answers.
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