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Originally Posted by wildjr View Post
Okay, me gonna try. I guess I'll play FireRed or LeafGreen. Sign me up! Challenge Accepted!
PS- If you want me to pick one, give me some time to check for previous save files.
Okay, I'll update it when you pick.

Originally Posted by pleryt16 View Post
In Emerald, can I buy Lava Cookies since they arent from a Pokemart?
Sure, since it's sold from one person instead of a whole company selling it.
I'll update the main post with that.

For me:

I beat both Ruby and Sapphire this morning, Ruby for my Solo challenge, and Sapphire for this.

Team after beating the game:
Swampert Lv.73
-Ice Beam

Gardevoir Lv.73
-Dream Eater

Breloom Lv.72
-Brick Break

Crobat Lv.72
-Poison Fang
-Wing Attack

Aggron Lv.75
-Rock Smash
-Iron Tail
-Rock Tomb

Vileplume Lv.74
-Petal Dance
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