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Yuki looked down at her Pokeball in her hand, shrugging slightly. She eventually decided to give it a shot throwing the Pokeball upwards until it sparked upon in a blue flash. The small plasma Pokemon appeared in front of her, giggling to itself. Yuki looked down at the Rotom and said carefully and slowly, "Rotom, please. When you are around Rion, can you not...scare him...for me?"

The Rotom spun around on its plasma base, letting out several brief, but twinkling sparks, as it stopped spinning its face appeared again and it nodded to Yuki. She turned around to face the way of the stadium as a stream of fireworks shot into the sky, lighting it up with amazing colors and patterns. It was incredibly beautiful to watch. But this wasn't the same story for my other partner. Rotom saw the fireworks and took them as a sign of fun and a chance to be slightly more naughty. It spun around her, excited even more than usual and pushed her down the hill towards the huge building.

"WHAAAAAAAAAT DID I....JUUUUSST SAAAAY" she said as she was pulled by the Rotom, almost sliding from the deluge of mud covering the hill. "ROOOOOTTTTTOM SLOW DOWWWWN...." She said as Rotom pulled into a sharp stop, sending her flying into a large mud pile which splashed up in a torrent of goop."ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTOOOOOOOOOOM!" She said pushing the mud from her face. "You are in so much trouble!"
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