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    Alright, welcome to the club AlexOzzyCake! To answer both your questions-

    -In one of the "wings" of Marvelous Bridge, there's an old lady NPC who says something along the lines of "Marvelous Bridge is so exciting! I'm taking a rest." After you see the Disappearing Girl, the lady will say something like "Way back before this bridge was built, there was a girl who liked to play with Abra. She was so full of energy..."

    One YouTube commenter I saw interpreted that to mean- The old lady used to play with the Abra before the bridge was built, when she was young. After the bridge was built, she gained some sort of mystical power to turn back into her younger self, and so the old lady is the Disappearing Girl. When the girl disappears she is teleporting back to the "wing" and returning to her usual guise.

    As for the Cubone Conspiracy, that's the theory that Cubones are actually baby Kangashans of some sort, and that MissingNo was originally meant to be the "Missing Link" between Kangashan and Cubone. Basically how it was meant to work according to the theory was

    Baby Kangashan(MissingNo)--------with leveling and some item-Cubone-Marowak
    |With normal leveling and female