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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
wow so many banners!
they all are awesome!

that's wht i meant
Umbr30n, u should change the Arceus sprite
If you were allowed to improve a Fire-Type Pokemon, what would it be, and how would you improve it?
i would like to change the design of Tepig it looks like a pig to me and also of Heatran it doesn't look like a fire type legendary, they should be just fantastic and have a WOW factor which heatran doesn't have
'Kay, changed it.

Originally Posted by Red99 View Post
Who was your favorite fire type user in the entire Pokemon franchise?
Topic accepted.

Answering the Current Topic: I'd have to say Flint because his personality is awesome, though there are some points of him I dislike such as his team, but he had quite a good role early-game. Just don't get to the Pokemon Topic, unless it is about his Pokemon Platinum team...

Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
k im picking Houndour my thoughts on heatran is Y NU BREEDING who else reset the game over 7 time to catch a female and all the gender is is a troll
Volcarona pretty powerful the only nonlegendary that you catch lv 70
Reshiram eh this typing should have been done with charizard
I thought ALL legendaries including Gendered ones can't breed (Except Manaphy).

Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Who was your favorite fire type user in the entire Pokemon franchise?
My answer would have to be Flannery. Even though her team is easily defeated, she still keeps a fiery personality (sorry I just couldn't resist throwing in that pun there).
I should look in on her personality, because I haven't really known her yet.

Originally Posted by allaurarenee View Post
Your Username: allaurarenee
Partner Pokemon: Growlithe and Typhlosion
Why do you like Fire-Types?: There's always been something about fire types that made me love them, but I'm not quite sure what. (: Ever since my first Pokemon game I have always chosen the Fire starter.

Heatran, Reshiram and Volcarona are all unique in Combined Types. Have you got any personal thoughts about these Pokemon?:
Honestly, I don't care much for Heatran, I don't like the fact that it has genders because it goes against the whole legendary rule. Reshiram I've never had as a Pokemon, but the combination of types in it make sense to me "Dragon/Fire".. Why haven't we had one of these before? I mean when you think of a Dragon, you think firebreathing, right? I do however like the combined types that Volacrona has, because Fire types are supereffective against Bug types, I sorta like the combination of Fire/Bug. Though in any case I've never really been a fan of bug type pokemon. (:
'Kay, you're in.

New Topic: If you were one of a Region's Elite Four, and you were a Fire-Type Specialist, what would your Fire-Type team be?