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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
What cute Pokemon plushie(s) do you have?
i do not have any :( :( I WANT ONE

What Pokemon do you find to be adorable after being plushie'd?
gotta agree with twiggy about Hydreigon
Dragonite also looks cute
dskldfhgldf AHH CUTE <33333 My answer was going to be Emolga because my friend recently bought an Emolga plushie and it's absolutely adorable, but after seeing this I'm definitely going for Dragonite. x] Those plushies are just... <33333 So cute xD I think Vulpix would also be adorable as a plushie but I've yet to see one! Also I have no Pokémon plushies yet but I'm getting a Piplup one from a friend soon :D