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    {Rated: K} One Liner: Vulnerability

    "It's through the feeling of being vulnerable that you become vulnerable."


    {Rated: T} Escape

    When the old man found himself on the firm metal floor, he merely assumed he had fallen out of bed. However, the heat was exceeding anything he would have anticipated a mass of water nowhere near the equator of the Earth to be like.

    His ancient bones moaned in pain as he pushed himself up to his feet, and he stumbled over to the window. Initially, he could only see obscurity. However, as his vision attuned, he could sense the color wearing from his wrinkled skin along with the downpour of sweat.

    Beyond what could ever occur to him, he was in outer space. Within a space ship which was mounting in high temperature by the second, due to the fact it was wandering in the direction of a planet of fire; the sun.

    Stumbling back, he checked the thermometer, which translated at thirty-five degrees Celsius. The circumstances hit hard, and the old man cussed like the sailor he was. Even if the ship was fully functional (Though he doubted it because of the condition outside) he wouldn’t even know the essentials, let alone how to turn it around and restart the power supply.

    Limping with age, the old man made his way over to the control room. Every little boy had the dream of being in space, but this was completely different. This was a capsule streaming straight for Hell. Even though this was the first time he had ever been in a spaceship, he didn’t gawk at the fancy controls. Instead, he groaned in annoyance. As he settled closer to the screens and buttons and leavers, his sea-blue eyes widened at the sight of a red liquid splattered across the furniture and windows. There were no bodies, and he certainly wasn’t injured… The old man could only presume what had happened here. The crew killed, perhaps. Thrown in space somewhere…

    The old man’s breath hollowed to a bare rasp as his eyes settled on the thermometer for one last time. It was too late. There was no way he could turn this ship around and not hit the blazing star before him. His organs would be fried before they even made impact.

    He closed his eyelids weakly, and slumped against the chair in defeat. At least he was old. That was one optimistic thing he could find about this situation. At least it was him, and not some poor young lady. He’d experienced life already, so his death would have been inevitable. Even so, he hadn’t expected to die in this particular fashion.

    What really troubled the old man was the fact that there would be no remnants to bury back on Earth. Did anyone know that he was in space right now, let alone floating towards a bright sun? He didn’t know if he was even in the same galaxy as Earth. For all he knew, he was in some alien atmosphere, and spacemen had done this to him in the matter of time he had been sleeping.

    His muscles relaxed, and he hung his head. It gave comfort to think that it wasn’t his comrades that had done this to him, but some alien race that had no morals. That’s what really gave him motivation before to attempt to avoid this fate. His mind faltered, and with that last string of will snapped, he was ready to let go and allow himself to die.

    What startled him out of his almost unconscious state was an impossibly bright flash, and a loud thundering noise that rattled the ship like an unsteady toddler. The man jolted straight, and watched in amazement as a crack of flames blew out of the star; licking and growing in length.

    It was a solar flare.

    Something clicked in the old man and his fingers, bent and throbbing with use, reached out for the controls. This was his chance. By the Gods he was given this chance, and he would take it. A sense of strength washed through his spine, and he hit the one button he had failed to recognize earlier. There was a loud buzzing noise, and a faint red veil covered his vision of the flare like a pair of sunglasses. He glanced back at the thermometer, which was stubbornly staying at a nearly deadly temperature. As long as it didn’t rise another five degrees, he’d survive.

    Of course it wouldn’t rise any more. The heat shield would stop any heat from penetrating through. Alas, he only had a small amount of energy left. He had one chance. Even if another solar flare happened after this one, the heat shield wouldn’t last and he would be cooked. This was it. If he failed now, it was over.

    And then it happened. The impact of the flames made every piece of metal the device was made of to scream in agony. The old man grabbed hold of a leaver which he prayed was the steering controls, and pulled back on them as hard as he could. He screamed. He screamed with the effort as his bones felt like snapping off. Everything was a mash of sound and heat and movement; the flare blasting the ship into a series of back flips.

    It felt like an eternity, but when the ship finally stopped flipping, the old man gasped out a lungful of air. The first thing he did was shut off the shield, and he gazed outside hopefully.

    The sun was nowhere in sight. Not even in front of him.

    Now, if only he could do back flips!

    The man cried out in joy, and hobbled over to the other side of the ship to peer out the back windows. There was the sun; becoming smaller and smaller. A small beeping emanated from the room, and the human looked over at the thermometer. It was dropping steadily. He could go home… He could go home!

    The old man, by the name of James laughed as he collapsed against the cooling metal. Now all he needed to find was an instruction book for this thing…. And a loaded gun to kill the monsters who had thought they could have executed him so easily.

    He was alive, and he would make sure that he used every waking moment properly.
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