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    I just realized something that might complicate the progression into Hoenn for this hack: Won't you guys have to include new overworld sprites for human characters that only appear in RSE? FireRed's sprites had a more traditional, top-down style than those in RSE, as seen by alternate sprites for the playable characters in the 3rd generation (Brendan and May have different OW sprtes for FR/LG from what they were in RSE, and vice versa for the FR/LG player characters' OW sprites in Emerald).

    This would affect many characters in the game, including Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, Steven, Teams Aqua/Magma, and other significant characters. Do you guys already have something planned for that? I'm just asking because I've seen other hacks that use OW sprites from both games simultaneously, which looks quite distracting. Plus it looks as if you'll be making the Hoenn maps with FR tiles anyways, if the Littleroot Town pic in the OP is anything to base it off of. Not a necessity, but more of an aesthetically-pleasing choice.