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    xena commented. we had reached sandgem town, and it was abandoned!

    "this is where i live," laprissa said.
    "WHY?!" I exclaimed.
    "well, yes, its awfully lonely here, but berry bushes grow here, and adults sometimes pass by here with food on their way to jubilife city, so i pick their pockets clean of food after knocking them out. its kinda peaceful, too, you know." laprissa shrugged.
    "YOU HURT OTHERS?!" i shrieked.
    "well, ya, i kinda have to in order to survive around here. thats probably what your brother did, too so he could supply you with food that he could've kept for himself." she said.
    "from now on, i'll pick the pockets, got that?" i told her stubbornly.
    "ok, show me your way." she chuckled, nodding towards a lone adult passing by. using my epic psychic powers, i controlled the adult's mind to think that the food he was traveling with only weighed him down and that is was useless, and he then dumped the food onto the side of the road.
    "ooh, your gonna regret that," laprissa said.
    "what?" i asked.
    "nothing. you'll find out yourself tommorrow morning." she quikly replied.
    "well, lets check the loot we got," i nodded towards the area that the adult had dumped it. we found:
    3 oran berries
    2 loaves of bread
    1 box full of lava cookies
    xena laughed cheerfully.

    "naw, we should probably save some for later on, never know what could happen in sinnoh." i replied.
    xena instantly became serious.
    "well, where do we camp for the night?" i questioned laprissa, only to find her curled up in the bushes, snoring softly.
    xena said. i laid down next to laprissa and fell asleep.
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